N'Motion Posture Analysis


Posture makes a difference in how you look, how you feel and how you age. No matter the physical condition, strengthening posture helps a body move with less mechanical stress on muscles and joints, promoting more effective motion. The result: bodies feel better, perform better and wear better. Using posture exercises for only ten minutes a day as prescribed by Dr. Stem and his office staff, is smart, and will help to limit the pain and stop the chronic pain cycle. 

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people have low back pain, and 1 person out of 8 has suffered an episode of severe pain in the past month. Usually related to weak or poor posture, it can begin with an injury, accident or from long-term poor posture habits. Over time, low back pain can cause breakdown ( i.e. joint stress, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, DJD) in the spine and other joints from the increased mechanical stress of daily wear and tear.

During a lifetime of moving habitually in patterns you have developed, along with the effects of any new injuries you suffer, your motion becomes restricted tin a groove, rather than moving through a full range of motion. This causes your body becomes more and more unbalanced and inefficient.

Low back pain usually involves straining and even tearing of muscle fibers. When muscle tearing is severe, ligament fibers can also tear under mechanical stress. The symptoms you feel, like back pain and back spasms, are due to irritated and strained muscles and ligaments. The condition is made worse by weak, poor posture and moving, sitting or sleeping position. Contrary to what many who are selling back surgery would have you believe, the science shows most back pain is not caused by discs. 

Since most low back pain is postural, you need to restore motion to locked joints, and then re-align and re-train the weak links in your body's chain of motion to move in alignment. The goal: strengthen your stabilizing (postural) muscles, so you not only manage and relieve back pain now, but you keep feeling and moving well so you can stay active and healthy.