N'Motion Chiropractic & Nutrition

Chiropractic Services


Suffering from back pain, neck pain, looking for better sleep, help control headaches, or looking for other relief?  We offer a wide range of chiropractic services.  Please read about what we can do for you!

Acupuncture Services


Looking for relief from stress, pain, or to help boost your immune system?  Then try either our traditional acupuncture or our elctro-stimulated methods. Read more about our acupuncture services and how we can help you be well.

Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services, Newport News

Come in today for your consultation and learn about why nutrition and supplementation with whole foods based nutrients is so important in our daily lives. Learn about our weight loss purification programs that will help you support and maintain a consistent healthy weight. Be amazed at how good you find yourself feeling. Transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward a clearer, brighter, lighter way of life now and in the years ahead. Read More about our services.

Postural Analysis


Posture makes a difference in how you look, feel and  age. Strengthening posture helps a body move with less  stress on muscles and joints, promoting more effective motion. The result: bodies feel better and perform better. Using posture exercises for only ten minutes a day as prescribed by Dr. Stern will help to limit the pain and stop the chronic pain cycle.  Read More About what we can do for you.