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Dr. Greg Stern

Dr. Greg Stern, DC, LAC grew up in southern California where he attended the University of Southern California, and subsequently transferred to the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. He later moved to Portland, Oregon where he attended University of Western States Chiropractic College, graduating summa cum laude in 1991.

While in Portland, Dr. Stern attended and graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and became involved in early research on the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) addiction protocol. This new protocol became the benchmark for treating addiction using acupuncture techniques. He subsequently moved to the Seattle area where he received chiropractic and acupuncture licensure.

Dr. Greg Stern

Wanting to further his goal of finding common ground between these two diverse medical philosophies, he attended medical school in the Dominican Republic. After completing medical school and passing the US Medical Licensing Examinations, he met his wife and remained in the Dominican Republic to join an established natural holistic health center with other medical doctors and naturopaths sharing his vision. He practiced there as a medical doctor, chiropractor and acupuncturist for 13 years building on this idea of a functioning multi-disciplinary approach to health care. He appeared on television, did many radio interviews and became well known for his efforts in promoting alternative health care. He speaks fluent Spanish and has worked closely with the National Health Department on health policy issues.

Coming with his family to Virginia is a “dream come true,” says Dr. Stern. Now with his family here, he feels a bond and hopes to become a valuable member of the community. He also hopes to see his patient-oriented system of medicine continue to evolve and flourish. N'Motion Chiropractic and Nutitrion is Dr. Stern’s contribution to the health and well being for everyone here in Newport News and Hampton Roads.


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